Frustration, Thy Name is Verizon!

VerizonToday I noticed something interesting:  I was on the Internet, which is at the moment the only route I have to the world outside my relatively immediate surroundings–which I should also add is at this point is almost as important as having a roof over my head–when my connection speeds began to move to a crawl.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they soon virtually nonexistent.

I got on the phone with Verizon–all filled with piss and vinegar–and spoke to a representative who was I am pretty certain was not even on this continent.

As an aside, that bothers me because there are lots of Americans who could do the job just as well, though for some reason it’s okay for a company to lay off thousands of people stateside, but hire internationally and/or raise executive salaries.

But I digress.  After ranting for awhile about how frustrating this was becoming (the same thing happened last week) we began to (I assume, which I’ll explain momentarily) troubleshoot.  It involved cycling my computer and modem, as well as emptying the browser cache on Safari and Firefox.

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