The Email Scammer Project 2

Here’s the latest bit of spam to pop up in my inbox.  This one is from The Central Bank of Nigeria, or is that “N i g e r i a.”  This little bit of spam doesn’t even pretend to be deceptive.  Or well-written.  If they’re going to fraud anyone out of their hard-earned money, they’ll have to do much, much better.

Your payment with the C e n t r a l Bank of N i g e r i a

FULL NAME. (2) FULL MAILING ADDRESS (3) C O N T R A C T REFERENCE NUMBER/C O N T R A C T SUM (4) YOUR DIRECT CELL TELEPHONE NUMBER. (5) YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. Details of your payment will be made available to you upon our receipt of the above requested information. Sincerely, Mr Adebayo Adelabu Deputy G o v e r n o r, Corporate Services. Tel:- +234 80 35698296