The Emperor’s New Shoes

New Balance MT101GB

New Balance MT101GB

This is a picture of my latest pair of running shoes, New Balance MT101GB’s.  A way that I can get good shoes for less is to wait till the new model comes out, which usually means that the prior model is sold for less than half the price of ‘new’ shoes.

In better times it’s also the way that I purchase computers.  I don’t have to have the latest machine with all the bells and whistles when a machine that’s close in performance will do just as good.

I’ve always tended to purchase sneakers this way, if only because what I care about is that the shoes are good performers, not if they happen to be the latest model.  The latest version of these shoes cost at least $100, while the earlier model cost $40.

And you may be asking why it is that a person that’s unemployed is spending their time buying running shoes.  It’s a valid question, but misses the big picture, which is that I enjoy running.  It keeps me balanced and exercises my body as well as my mind though most importantly taking care of my feet keeps them healthy, because I need them and want to keep them as health as I can.