unemployment blue

Wanted Advert 1Friday, I learned that a job that I thought that I should have aced, I didn’t, and it feels like a kick in the stomach. This is such a frustrating process because all you know is that, typically, that you didn’t get the job.

You generally don’t get the how’s or why’s, and if you do, they often don’t make any sense.

It’s all mildly depressing…so why fight it? Why pretend that what is obvious–the frustration, the worries, the fears–isn’t?

So I allowed myself to be frustrated.

Then I began applying for jobs again, despite the most I seem to be getting for it is a collection of rejection letters and no aid from The District, since the Republicans in the House of Representatives have decided that five months is enough time for anyone to be out of work.

Despite that the politicians, and Republicans in particular, don’t seem to be doing anything to make the situation any better.

Because that would illustrate once and for all that government can do good as well as ill, and we can’t have that, can we?