I am particularly tough on myself when it comes to photography, which I am able to do because it’s something that enjoy (otherwise, I would just get frustrated and move on).  The thing is, for the last four or five years, taken some pretty mediocre 4th of July pictures.

It’s not that they were terrible, far from it.  It was more of a case that they weren’t as good as I thought that they could be.

But I think that I have finally cracked it.

My latest fireworks photos, if I do say so myself, are pretty good.  There’s a small issue with smoke–though that’s due more to where I was positioned more than anything else, and under the circumstances is not something that I am going to worry about.



As I said, some of my best work.  Now that think that I got the important stuff down, next year the goal will be to find a spot where the wind is working with me, as opposed to against.  You can check out more of my photos from my Flikr feed on the right.