How “Mean Tweets” Hurt Us All

Mean TweetsAs a someone who’s been blogging for quite a few years, I have come to think of Twitter as indispensible, and not only because it’s a way to reach however many people that happen to be interested in what I happen to be saying.

Twitter can be actually challenging to use at times, mainly because my thoughts don’t always easily allow themselves to be twisted and contorted into a mere 140 characters.

Which I actually—most of the time–appreciate because it doesn’t tolerate verbosity and forces me to GET TO THE POINT! unlike Facebook, which I deal with more because it’s expected these days, than deriving any sort of enjoyment (though I like the way it allows people to join groups based on their likes or dislikes, so obscure topics, such as whether or not Freddie Freiburger is responsible of the abrupt tonal shift from Year One to Year Two of Space: 1999 (Yes, if you want an easy answer; Not exactly, if nuance is your North Star) and whether Year Two was better than One (overall, Year Two was more visual and action-orientated than Year One, which was good, though the cost was the jettisoning of the contemplativeness that made the first year so fascinating). Such questions are discussed with a passion that someone unfamiliar with would find either curious, weird or extremely nerdy.

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The Huge, Rapey Elephant In The Room

I try to avoid writing about the travails of people in the public eye, because I have more than enough of my own stuff to deal with.

That being said, the situation that Bill Cosby is currently mired bothers me and I need to exorcise it, and seeing that my faith in God tends toward the situational, I decided to write this piece.

Let’s be honest: If we were talking about one woman—Bill Cosby is a celebrity, and it’s not out of the ordinary for people like him to attract a fair share of kooks and crackpots—it wouldn’t by any stretch of the imagination justify his alleged actions, though it would at least leave a bit of moral wiggle room for the rest of as to whether or not Cosby were indeed guilty of the crimes he’s been accused

But with women coming out of the woodwork seemingly on a daily basis, it either means that they are all suffering from some heretofore unknown variant of Stockholm Syndrome, or Coaby is lying.

I assume the latter because I recall hearing a report that said that he had paid off at least one of his accusers, which people don’t tend to do if they’re innocent.

And that’s pretty fucked, though what bothers me almost as much is how sanctimonious Cosby seems to be.

After all, when he was on Don Lemon’s CNN show (before the shit hit the proverbial fan) Lemon—instead of tacking the rumors that Cosby was some sort of serial rapist (rumors that apparently had been floating around for quite awhile)—with Cosby decides to lay in on young Black males and their tendency to wear droopy pants.

That droopy pants is also considered fashionable by young white males apparently wasn’t worth bringing up.

After all, it’s particularly easy to attack such an obvious target, especially when you’re ignoring the huge, rapey elephant in the room


I am particularly tough on myself when it comes to photography, which I am able to do because it’s something that enjoy (otherwise, I would just get frustrated and move on).  The thing is, for the last four or five years, taken some pretty mediocre 4th of July pictures.

It’s not that they were terrible, far from it.  It was more of a case that they weren’t as good as I thought that they could be.

But I think that I have finally cracked it.

My latest fireworks photos, if I do say so myself, are pretty good.  There’s a small issue with smoke–though that’s due more to where I was positioned more than anything else, and under the circumstances is not something that I am going to worry about.



As I said, some of my best work.  Now that think that I got the important stuff down, next year the goal will be to find a spot where the wind is working with me, as opposed to against.  You can check out more of my photos from my Flikr feed on the right.


shoot-out at the audubon

doeThe PortraitScene work last Sunday was a really good time.  How it worked was that there were about twelve photographers–including myself–as well as a representative from Portrait Scene.  They had recently had a special in Groupon, so we all were shooting pictures of the people who choose to take advantage.

We were working at the Audubon Naturalist Society, in Chevy Chase.  The landscape was beautiful and the weather more than accommodating for picture taking.

Hopefully I’ll get a callback because during the summer months it’s a great way to earn a little change on weekends as well as take pictures, which is something that I really enjoy doing.

The doe on the left I saw when we were leaving Audubon.

It left me exhausted though.  I had been running the day before, and had not yet recovered from that, on top of getting up the next day at sixish to make sure that I got there by nine..  It’s a policy that works well when I am trying to get to places that I have not been before prior because it provides a bit of cushion.

As things stand, I arrived about ten minutes late.  Not too shabby considering we were scheduled to be working for four hours.

cnbc apparently wants the long-term unemployed to give up

That’s not quite fair.  What their header said was something to the effect that “The Outlook Is Grim For Long-Term Unemployed.”

I am not a fan of CNBC, but other than ESPN there’s nothing else on the televisions at the gym that I attend.

So what are they saying?  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 3.5 million people that have been unemployed longer than 27 weeks.

That’s a long time, then again, 3.5 million is a hell of a lot of people.

Let’s assume a few things for a moment:  Let’s say of that 3.5 million–I expect the actual numbers to be significantly higher–a million or so are ill-prepared due to frustration with the entire process.

I just pulled that figure out of my butt, but let’s roll with it.  And while we’re going along with things, let’s assume that those 2.5 million individuals are rearing to go by which I mean they’re keeping their skills sharp, and have a suit and some shiny black leather shoes aall ready to go.

If that’s the case, what CNBC should perhaps spend some time exploring why these people aren’t being hired, as opposed to how doomed they may be.

Just saying.


While I am not lazy, I haven’t been writing much on “Big Minutae.” It’s not because I am unmotivated, after all, I write everyday, but because other matters have been vying for my attention.

It’s time to turn that around, and today is the start of that effort.  Here’s the first entry for my “Pic of the Day” column, which I call “Thanksgiving.”  The theme is religious, which is not something that I am normally an advocate of.

That being said, religious-themed art is some of the most engaging stuff out there, which is why one day I plan to make a trip to the Sagrada Familia, a church designed by Antonio Gaudi.