The ‘big minutiae’ is Brian McNeal, which is somewhat ironic for various reasons. I live in Washington, DC and have no pets (mainly because I don’t think that it’s fair to have one when you can’t give them the attention that they deserve; though part of it is that if I were to get a dog, it would be a larger breed, like a German shepherd mix, which where I live doesn’t allow).

Otherwise, I don’t quite see the point, though I do have three plants.

All of them are flourishing (though, in the name of full disclosure I should mention that one of them is a spider plant, which is quite possibly one of the hardiest plants that I know of. During my childhood I distinctly recall one falling from the ledge of the apartment window where my family lived. I think it survived, though that could just being the sieve of the past getting clogged) and I am doing alright.

I could get laid more; then again, that’s a boat I am not exactly alone in.


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