shoot-out at the audubon

doeThe PortraitScene work last Sunday was a really good time.  How it worked was that there were about twelve photographers–including myself–as well as a representative from Portrait Scene.  They had recently had a special in Groupon, so we all were shooting pictures of the people who choose to take advantage.

We were working at the Audubon Naturalist Society, in Chevy Chase.  The landscape was beautiful and the weather more than accommodating for picture taking.

Hopefully I’ll get a callback because during the summer months it’s a great way to earn a little change on weekends as well as take pictures, which is something that I really enjoy doing.

The doe on the left I saw when we were leaving Audubon.

It left me exhausted though.  I had been running the day before, and had not yet recovered from that, on top of getting up the next day at sixish to make sure that I got there by nine..  It’s a policy that works well when I am trying to get to places that I have not been before prior because it provides a bit of cushion.

As things stand, I arrived about ten minutes late.  Not too shabby considering we were scheduled to be working for four hours.


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