IMG_2739I got a call from a company called PortraitScene–they found my resume on Careerbuilder–and it appears that they do pretty much what they advertise, which is to take portraits.

They’re having a session this Sunday, which I plan to attend.  I have no idea how things will go, but I am not exactly in the ‘choosing’ position at the moment.

And besides, it’s the first call I have received that has nothing to do with insurance.

I enjoy taking photos, and it’s something that I am good at.  Selling insurance, not so much.

Which is not to say that I am being critical of people who do.  We’ve all got shite, and someone has to insure it.

It just isn’t going to be me.

Besides, as much as I hate the idea of being unemployed (that’s not quite true.  I don’t hate being unemployed more than I hate the idea of not knowing where money is going to come from.  For instance, if I were to win the lottery–which I rarely play because, seeing that the odds are so against me I might as well just burn my money–I would be perfectly content spending time going to school or whatever I feel like doing at the moment) I hate even more the idea of doing something that I think that I will hate–I have never worked in insurance before.  Who knows?  It could be awesome–but from where I stand, I’m just not seeing it.


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