rickety houses


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.14.05 PMI have been watching a lot of “House M.D.” recently, and I am glad that I missed its network TV run because I have grown way too accustomed to binge-viewing.  That being said, I honestly think that watching television shows in episodic sequence, as many episodes as you can stomach at any given time, reveals things that you probably wouldn’t otherwise notice.

For instance, no one on the show pays for their healthcare (or if they do, you never see them actually doing it).  I understand that it’s not called ‘Medical Billing’ but I honestly think that people need to see such things because a lot of people get their information about the world from television, no matter how silly that may sound.

Though it bothers me for another reason:  Heathcare in this country isn’t something that most people can afford to take for granted because there are so many people–at the moment, myself included–that cannot afford healthcare.

Which is because in this country healthcare isn’t a basic right, but a business.  This means that their goal is to make a profit first, and care for the person second.



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