do i need new cups?

Wine glassThere are certain things that I don’t devote much energy to.  Such as purchasing socks, which I tend to wear till they either fall off my feet or walk away under their own power.

Another thing are bed sheets.  I will literally (and do) use the same sheets for years.  I’ll wash them regularly, but will only buy new ones once in a blue moon.

This also applies to glasses or cups.  I don’t have many–by my definition a glass is anything that holds fluids.  It doesn’t matter if it started its life with that purpose in mind or even is actually made of glass.

I am also a fan of a good beer, though since I actively avoid drinking it out of cans, the bottle it comes in works just fine for me.

What’s currently in the measuring cup (glass, of course) is a sampling of a 2011 Syrah-Merlot by Sainte-Croix, of French lineage.  It’s not bad, though to be honest I expected it to have more body; to have far more heft that it actually does.

As it stands, it’s sort of dry, with a nice finish.


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