joble$$ – february 2, 2013

For more years than I care to remember, news about the current state of the United States’ economy has been an intimate part of many people’s lives, as they struggle to adapt to a changing environment.  By the way, lest I forget to mention, “Adapt” is one of the charitable word people like economists, particularly employed economists, use to describe what the employment-challenged must do to re-enter the workforce.

Some are quick to criticize those that are unemployed, which is sometimes valid (like when this one person, essentially, accosted me on my morning commute a few months ago, pleading with me and various riders for money).

It was a pretty embarrassing experience, which was probably the intent in the first place.

Though that is not to imply that everyone who happens to not have a job is like him, because some people are just victims of circumstances, and are doing the best that they can.  I have always viewed such things from a distance, after all I have worked consistently since my teens, but that is something that will soon change because my current job is ending in a few months.

For a while, I thought that I would be afraid of this moment–and I was for a little bit, though what I have learned is that living isn’t about re-living events; as I wrote, I have already “been” thought this event in my head, and all the doubt and pain that goes along with it as well, and have no intention of doing so again.

Honestly, what bothers me most is less the job, than the thought that I might end up with no money to do things like pay rent, eat on a regular basis, and occasionally catch a movie.


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