you know you’re getting old when…an elastic waistband in your jeans sounds like a good idea

ImageI know I am getting older (as opposed to old, which sounds like a final destination, and is more a state of mind than being).  I don’t even mind the gray hairs that are becoming more and more common as the black ones in my goatee.

What I do mind is denim jeans with elastic in the waistband.  For some reason, that feels “old” to me.  Elastic in a pair of sweatpants, I get.  But jeans?  It’s almost sacrilege.

If your jeans don’t fit, then get a belt.  And by ‘belt’ I don’t mean those undependable cloth ones, that eventually come to act like a car tire that cat gain any traction, but a real leather belt.

But elastic?  I’d rather not wear them at all.

Then again, they are comfortable.  And they were a gift, so maybe I’ll give them a chance.

I just won’t tell anyone about the band.


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