brian’s back

I have been away from ‘Big Minutae’ for a while now, mainly because I couldn’t find a way to work with two blogs– is my more interest-orientated blog–and not have the quality of my content fall.  That being said, there are always ways to better manage one’s time, if you look hard enough.

Like before, I don’t intend to post here every day, but what I can do is to post at least once a week.

The subject matter won’t change, in that I will continue to post about unusual and interesting things that I happen to stumble upon in my daily life.

This is a continuation of what has come before, but new.  This is why I have changed the appearance, and plan for this blog to be significantly more eclectic than my other blog (and in reference to that aforementioned appearance, I will be tweaking the design till I come to something that works for me.  At the moment I like the theme, but if I find something better, I will change it).

This also means that I will be including everything from relevant photos, or little movies; whatever gets across the idea I am working at.


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