I find that how I am feeling about my life at any given moment can be reflected in how neat my apartment tends to be at that particular time;  though truth be told, it’s generally cluttered, but neat.  At the moment I am under a bit of stress–I have just got back to eating regularly and sleeping after about two days–but you only get through something by going through something, so…

The good thing is that order is slowing returning.

The bad thing is that I find myself pining for the days when a person had the cohones to call someone a racist or derogatory term to their faces, as opposed to the cowardly shite that passes for confrontation these days.

On one level it’s kind of cool, in that I can’t write about such things without actually experiencing them–I don’t really believe that, but I have to make some sense of it somehow.

Besides, there’s the fact that the people that hide behind rules to do others harm are generally emotionally neutered, and way too cowardly to call a spade a spade, so to speak.


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