I don’t like washing dishes, though I do like eating regularly, and refuse to pay someone to do what I can do reasonably well myself.

I also like beer (which, by definition doesn’t include brands like Budweiser, Miller, Old Milwaukee, etc).  So, more often than not, on any given day I have a sink full of dishes and beer bottles–I don’t own a washing machine because I can wash my own dishes (when I feel like doing so, that is).

Something has always bothered me about dish washing machines.  I actually find the act of washing them very contemplative, though one doesn’t always require contemplation.

The somewhat ironic thing is that I am a relatively neat person otherwise.

Cluttered, but neat.

Sometimes I kid myself that having a sink full of dishes makes a house looked lived in–it does–though it doesn’t say much about the particular person that lives there.


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