I lean toward agnosticism on the grounds that–when you really, really think about whichever of the seemingly varieties of religion out there that happens to appeal to you–they make little sense.

They move in the world of the fantastic, the miraculous, the unreal, and the surreal; sometimes all at the same time.

In other words, they’re knitted from the fabric of faith.

What triggered the little screed above was the poster I found in the Metro, to the left, from Muslims for Life.

“Muslims for Life?!”  Really?

Listen to that for a moment.

Muslims.  For.  Life.

It seems to me to be implying that muslims aren’t, generally speaking, pro-not killing other people.

And sure, there are definitely plenty of muslims out there that kill other people.  Then again, there are also Christians of a murderous bent, yet I haven’t yet seen any “Christians for Life” signage that didn’t somehow revolve around abortion.

That being said, I am generally tolerant of what other people believe, and by “tolerant” I mean I don’t necessarily care.

At heart, that’s why the poster pictured above bothers me.  It seems to accept, to play into, the meme that Muslims are violent, and there’s “special” group of Muslims that aren’t.

I also haven’t seen too many “Christians for Life” posters about (though I have seen variations on the theme when referring to abortions) and I wonder why because I am willing to bet that if we check the political classes–where the most damaging crimes tend to be committed–that more often than not, they’re Christian.

Never mind the murderers, thieves, and racists.


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