dogfish festina pêche

I just tried a new Dogfish beer, a little brew they call Festina Pêche–which I would have thought translates to Peach Festival or something–which it doesn’t.

In fact, it translates to nothing at all, as far as I can tell.

Though, if that were the only disappointment that I had with this beer, I would be OK.

As it stands, the ‘beer’ has an interesting tartness, and a bold peachiness that is upfront and loud, almost is if it were channeling its inner queer–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Though–and this is the biggest stumbling block for me–it doesn’t necessarily taste like beer.

Which reminds me, I was talking to my mother about a half hour ago–Yes, I speak to my mother generally about once a week.  Don’t judge me–and we were talking about brownies.  What we said essentially–because you DO NOT want to hear the minutiae of that conversation–was that anyone could make a brownie, but not anyone could make a really good brownie; one that that is chewy, but not too chewy; light, but not too light (because then you’re talking about cake).

Beer is the same way.  This Dogfish brew (or weisse, which is a sour wheat beer) is definitely sour, which is OK, and mildly carbonated, which isn’t and lends to it tasting like a wine cooler.

Not terrible by any stretch–it does have 4.5% alcohol, after all–but considering it lacks any sort of hoppiness and, as if that weren’t bad enough, it only comes in a 4-pack.


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