condensing time

I just finished watching “Persons Unknown” on Netflix.  Not an episode, but literally the entire series.  Sure, it lasted only a season, but when you’re watching every episode there’s something to be said for relative brevity.

I realize that my viewing habits don’t help establish a television series, though truth be told I don’t tend to have the patience.

Like when I abandoned “Lost” the first time that I saw the “smog monster”–mainly because it was stupid and there was no ground work laid prior by the producers to introduce such a concept.  Then there’s “Heroes,” which had such potential before it jumped the shark.

Speaking of “Lost,” seeing that it struck me right off as dumb, its popularity always mystified me, though truth be told most people’s sense of taste tends to be in their arses.

I recall a few years ago, when one of the persons I worked with at the time was talking about the series.  When I asked them why they were watching it, their answer was, essentially, that everyone else was, so they felt the need to keep up.

Though for me, such reasoning is exactly the reason why I couldn’t watch it.

Besides the ‘smog monster,’ which still strikes me as way too stupid to indulge my time with.


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