the only way to win is not to play

I was shopping at my local Trader Joe’s today, when I saw a staff member that I was familiar with from my weekly shopping trip.  He asked me what I was doing to beat the heat (the temperature in Washington, DC has of late has been regularly reaching the early hundreds) and I replied that that battle was already lost, and it was enough to adapt to it, never mind winning.

I tend to be very literal and not too tolerant of small talk for small talk’s sake, because it more often than not nothing is actually said, despite what our ears may tell us.

This informed my response.

After all, the I can only control so much and the weather isn’t–at least not directly–one of those things.  Then there’s the fact that I think that humanity cannot keep treating the Earth as if it were inert, and lifeless; as if our actions have no effect except those that directly touch us.


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