small goals

I have a goal.  Sometimes, I want to welcome people–total strangers–with something, be it a smile, or a “Hello.” It’s not the biggest goal that I have ever had, but it’s important.  I want to greet people not because I want an acknowledgement necessarily, but because I am either genuinely happy with seeing them or I feel good enough to make the gesture.

That’s it.

I want to move a simple “Hello” as an essentially selfish act–I am welcoming you primarily as an affirmation of myself, which is why a reply is so essential; to a selfless one–I am saying “Hello” to you because I feel really good, and want to share that with as many people as possible.

The other side is that people tend to be on guard; as if by smiling you want something from them.

This is why I don’t want anything in return.


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