nytimes.com subscription

I just purchased a NYTimes.com subscription for 26-weeks for my iPad.  I am one of those people that wonder why it is that ‘suddenly’ newspapers are expecting people to pay for content, when they have been giving it away for free for the longest time.

After all, it’s not my fault that the owners of newspapers badly handled what was originally a very profitable enterprise.  I still agree with that sentiment, though the introductory cost for a NYTimes.com subscription is $9 for 26-months.

Can I afford that?  Sure, I can.  I mean, I just saw “Green Lantern,” which I reviewed, at local theater that cost about $9.50, almost the cost of the subscription.  I tend to not go out for lunch, instead purchasing my lunch for the week; though if I did, it would certainly cost–at least–$9, though the likelihood is that it would cost more.

The price goes up incrementally after the 26-months, to $20 for a bit more than two years.

Still a deal, as far as I am concerned.


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