in the (what the heck are you staring at) department

Imagine this scenario:  After a strenuous workout at your local gym, you’ve decided to take a hot shower to work out the aches.  The water feels great, and its touch reaches deep into sore muscles, washing away the pain.

And for a small moment, all the problems within and without, that would normally dominate, seem hazy in the distance, as if seen though the steam that billows about you.

Till reality–of the rude, inconvenient variety–comes back forcefully like a blast of ice-cold water.

With your hand you wipe away the water from your eyes, and with it goes the relaxation you wore like a veil, and give your eyes a moment to focus.  That’s when you notice that someone in the shower stall across from you is staring at you as if he’s attempting to hypnotize someone.

This is not a casual glance; a simple acknowledgement that they like and appreciate your body.  This is a staredown, which is not only a sign of remarkable disrespect, but incredibly creepy.

It’s uncomfortable, and has nothing to do with sexual preference.  You can look at something, be it a work of art or an attractive person (same difference?) and move on.

For some reason there are those people that feel the need to consistently stare at you as if Brad Pitt were showering beside them, which his not to say that he would be too keen on being stared it, though his celebrity would at least make it a bit more understandable.

For a moment you get a glimpse of what it feels like to have paparazzi invading a facet of someone’s life that would normally be reasonably expected to be kept private.

It’s not a comfortable feeling.


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