lion cometh

Next month comes the latest iteration of Mac OS X: Lion.  Apple has always had a thing for big cats.

They has been calling OS X “the most advanced operating system” for awhile now.  I don’t know that it’s true, if only because there’s so much going on under the hood of a modern operating system that all I know is what I can see.

Even using such a obvious metric, Lion looks to be amazing though what I find really interesting is iCloud, which promises to “untether” users of portable iDevices from their computers by enabling your devices to communicate with each other via Wi-Fi.

So what I put on one device–let’s say my iPod touch–will be accessible on my iMac without synching via cable, which is what Mac users traditionally do.

The best part is that it appears that Apple has learned from the mess that was MobileMe, which was not only expensive–at $99 a year–but bug-plagued (which is an interesting choice of words because I just happen to be watch “Mimic,” which is about genetically altered insects that–like all things that are genetically altered in movies–get out of control and threaten humans).


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