the nature conservancy

I’ve added a link to The Nature Conservancy on the right.  If you  happen to stop by, please consider clicking on the banner.  If you’re (not) like me, you’re probably want to see what it is that they do, so I have provided a handy-dandy link to their web site that explains their work as well as their mission, in much greater detail.

It’s free, and you’ll be doing a world of good.

I thought that I also should mention that I am not doing this because “Nature” needs us as much as we need it.  There is an arrogance that accompanies many conservation efforts that to me seems  to work from the assumption that the planet needs us more than we need it.

Which is nonsense.  We are part of the Earth, and while it would be a tragedy if were to bring about our end as a species, I suspect that some other creature would eventually become dominant, filling our niche, as it were.


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