the pressure

I just got back from my yearly physical, and I learned that my blood pressure is a bit high.  According to New blood pressure readings are broken down into diastolic and systolic measurements.  Diastolic is the point of greatest pressure; systolic is the point of lowest pressure.

A normal reading is 130/85, and 120/80 is considered optimal.

My blood pressure is 130/90.

The systolic measurement is OK, though the diastolic is considered high-normal (not great, but it could be significantly worse, as I will soon illustrate).  It’s not hypertensive (which means ‘abnormally high’), though needs to be monitored.

The scale to measure hypertension is divided into stages.

State One diastolic is 140-159, systolic is 85-89.  Stage Two diastolic is 160-179, systolic is 100-109 and Stage Three diastolic is >179 (greater than 179), and systolic is >109.

It scared me a bit going to my doctor today, but since I know what’s going on, I can at least takes steps to ensure that things aren’t going worsen.  My doctor is a partner in my effort, and she has prescribed a diuretic.

Diuretics help the body get rid of unwanted salt and water in the urine, which can make it easier for the heart to pump.

She said that I should take the medicine (hydrochlorothiazide) for a month, and then check back to see if my diastolic blood pressure reading has changed.

I’ll work at it because I am still learning my way around this game called Life, and I think that I want to play awhile longer.


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