it’s the end as we know it (and i feel fine)

The title above is from a REM song, and it’s fitting based upon an NPR story, “Is the End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough”, from Weekend Edition.

The story posits that there are some Christians that believe that the world is ending the 21st of this month; and by ‘this month’ I mean May, which just so happens to be the month we’re currently in.

Personally, I am not too worried because, while it’s not impossible–nothing is–it’s so unlikely that I personally wouldn’t waste the energy worrying one way or another.

If it is, that really sucks; if not, then I have to haul my butt out of bed and get to work.

I mean, if everything is ending, it’s ending, so there’s little I can do about it.  Humans are born to die; since birth we’re racing–at varying rates–toward the grave. We’re ending from the time we’re born, till the day we’re laid down.

This leads me to believe that we should perhaps spend our time the best way we know how–while we can–rather than putting our faith in an event that will (probably) never happen.


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