a few reasons why i purchased an iPad

A few days ago I purchased a refurbished 32GB iPad–which I was surprised to learn was being shipped from China.  Prior to this I thought that refurbished products were items that were sold in this country, returned to the vendor, then inspected and resold.

That was clearly not the case with my iPad.

I purchased the original–despite it having a less-powerful A4 processor than the iPad 2–because I don’t quite see the point of cameras in a tablet-based computing device.

I understand that it can be used for FaceTime and Skype; but so can my iPod touch, whose smaller size works to its advantage.

It’s also a great personal organizer, pda and videogame device, though too small to use as an e-reader.

I don’t own a laptop, so the iPad will essentially act as a satellite device for my computer.  It’s not quite a laptop–by design–but possesses many of its capabilities; though Apple makes devices that have a unique quality that I have seen no other electronics maker mimic:

Namely, they become whatever it is that you want them to be.  At the moment I am not sure what I am going to use my iPad for exactly.  That’s OK though because it will become–with the aid of literally thousands of apps (applications)–whatever I want it to be.


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