the pacific gyre

The image above is of the Pacific Gyre, which is essentially a Texas-sized accumulation of plastic in the Pacific Ocean.  I have heard of this prior, but since I don’t see masses of junk floating by my apartment, I don’t think about it often.

Thanks for The Raw Story for bringing it front and center, though what I am writing abut is a European initiative that sounds remarkable (in a commonsensical kind of way.  Imagine.  Politicians acting in a fashion that not only makes sense, but that doesn’t benefit a few of the wealthy, but everyone).  What the Europeans are doing is paying fishermen to collect plastic, instead of fish.

What this does is allow fish stocks to replenish themselves, while also cleaning the ocean.  This benefits the fishermen, who have a way of generating income that doesn’t result in the exhaustion of fish stocks; benefits the ocean because it means that there could potentially be significantly less plastic floating around the ocean to choke fish.

It also benefits the world in general because it means thatthere will be less junk floating ashore, littering beaches and potentially threatening beach tourism.

Here’s a youTube video that puts the matter in perspective.


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